First Baptist Christian School

We thank the Lord for all He has done at FBCS. We started in 1980 with an elementary program and in 2001 we continued to build with a Kindergarten and Junior High program and then added a Senior High program.

First Baptist is unique in many great ways; however, we understand that we’re not competing with the other Christian Schools in our area. We know that we’re not the only private school in town, and we recognize that there are other good Christian Schools from which parents may choose. However, here’s a list of the top seven ways that we believe FBCS is unique:

  • We provide an affordable education. K4-12th Grade
  • We promote academic excellence. Many of our graduates have gone for further training in college, some have joined the military, and others have obtained jobs in the local Butler area and abroad.
  • We provide a safe and caring environment. First, our teachers, who consider this more than just a job, genuinely love our students. Our students know we care about them. Second, our students want to be here over any other school they could attend. Third, our facility is safe and secure throughout the entire school day.
  • We have a very competitive Athletic Program. We provide opportunities for students in coed soccer, ladies’ volleyball, men and ladies’ basketball.
  • We provide free school transportation. Our students ride buses from seven different local school districts: Butler, South Butler, Karns City, Mars, Moniteau, Seneca Valley, and Slippery Rock.
  • We have a high teacher to student ratio. Presently, we have one teacher per ten students.
Our goal at First Baptist is To Create Successful Students for God’s Glory. We don’t want to train any student in our school and not teach them how to be successful in life through God’s perspective. Whatever they do in life, we want them to do their very best for God’s glory. In other words, we want our students to make God look great in the eyes of those who see them as they fulfilled their God-given dreams and goals. That’s our goal at First Baptist, and we pray your family could join us in training your children.

Please call our office today at 724-287-1188. We would love to talk with you.