The Will of God

Part 5
By Pastor Dave

Specific Will of God

            The specific will of God may be somewhat more challenging to explain because there are different levels to the specific will of God.  Sometimes it can be present and sometimes future.  It can be short term or a process in the journey.  It may culminate into different stages of a life or turn into a life calling.  Daily I believe Psalms 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his way.  I do not pray and fret at every intersection when I drive about which way to go but there are times I do when the Spirit prompts.  When that happens, the direction I take leads me to some mission God wanted me to do.  People will ask “How did you know I needed to see you?” or “I cannot believe you stopped or called at just the right time.”  You may say that is coincidental but it happens so often in my ministry I have long since given up on coincidence and accept it as God leading me to do some specific task for that day.  I have a mental or a written schedule every day.  I just let God change it when he wants to.  Actually this has made my life more freeing rather that fretful.  At the end of the day I sometimes have done little or none of what I planned and some days most of what I planned but I have been where God wanted me.  I accomplish this by putting my will in neutral as much as I can.  I release my will when I start my day but when I am engaged in my day’s work it can be more difficult to shift into neutral.  I can tell it is coming when I cannot seem to accomplish what I planned and am running into a brick wall.  I often stop and ask the Lord if he wants me to wait.  I believe God’s will has timing and rhythm to it.  That is the everyday specific will of God.  I plan but I allow him to change it at anytime and when I am walking in the Spirit, great things happen.  Little great things and big great things will happen.  I have led many people to the Lord by being in God’s place for me at the right time.

            I believe God uses his specific will to prepare us for the tasks we will need to do in the future like what college we will go to or the training in life by the skills we learn in our jobs if we do not go to college.  Not everyone is called to college.  What do you do with a girl that wants to be a wife and mother and feels that God is not leading her to college?  I am very pro college because it is a great tool that God uses to prepare us but there are some he has called in other directions and we must accept that.  Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:5, 6).

            One of the ways God prepared me for something that I needed in the ministry was when I was in the Army.  I finished my basic training and I was sent to AIT (Advanced Individual Training).  I was assigned to truck driving school.  I was so disappointed.  I did not want to go to truck driving school.  Learning to drive a jeep was fun but the rest I felt was a waste of time.  I learned to drive what the Army calls a duce and a half.  You would see them in old WWII movies.  They had canvas on them and would transfer troops.  I thought I would never use this training in my life.  Years later I became a youth pastor and took teens around the country on mission trips for 20 years.  A number of years we took them in a school bus.  I also drove the team to basketball games and took teens to The Wilds in North Carolina from Pennsylvania.  A school bus is a duce and a half.  I was glad that I learned how to double clutch in the Army.  To me it was no accident that I learned to drive a truck in the Army.  God was preparing me for all those trips I would be taking as a youth pastor.  What school you go to, what job you take, and what skills you learn all play into the will of God in your life and should be prayed about.  Even when I was unsaved and did not pray about things, God’s sovereign will was preparing me.

            Let us stop for a minute and recap before we go on.  First, God’s specific will may happen on a daily basis when he desires us to do different tasks for him and we are his instrument.  Even the scriptures say in John 4:4 And he must needs go through Samaria.

            Next, God’s specific will can be preparatory.  God uses circumstances, training in formal education, life skills learned, our environment, our place in the pecking order in life which is our station or class in life, and people to prepare us for his specific task he has for us.  Surely you have heard in America how important the “middle class” is.  We do have classes even in this great country.

            When he prepares us before our salvation, this training for our future falls under his sovereign will.  When we become a Christian, his spirit dwells within us and guides this preparation for his specific will he has for us.  We are all born with God given talents but the scripture refers to gifts given to the believer upon salvation all working now to accomplish his will.

To be continued ………………..


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