The Will of God

Part 23
By Pastor Dave

W3CP2 = The Will of God

        4.  Prayer brings rhythm with God.  I am one that believes that life is rhythm.  I believe there is a physical rhythm and a spiritual rhythm.  There are days when everything is clicking for me and then there are days when I am all thumbs.  On those days I have to slow down and sometimes even put my life in creeper gear to try to catch the rhythm of my day.  If I don’t slow down and focus it only seems to get worse.  I also notice this rhythm with my wife and my other relationships.  Some days my wife and I are just clicking and there is this great rhythm between us.  Then other times we seem to be going in different directions and understanding what each other is thinking seems more difficult.  We are not on the “same page” so to speak.  It’s then I try to slow it down and figure out what the problem is and see if we can get back in rhythm again.  Sometimes it’s my stubborn will or my selfish pride that gets in the way.  Sometimes it is a good thing and God uses my wife to stop me from doing something I will regret.  Lack of rhythm indicates there is something not quite right and it’s a sign to slow down and see why.

          I believe in the spiritual rhythm I talked about with God.  Before I gave my life to Christ I did not have rhythm with God only empty religion.  When I received Christ as my Savior I gained access to having a spiritual rhythm with God when the Holy Spirit entered into my heart the moment of salvation.  Romans 8:16 “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.”  Therefore, my goal everyday is to make sure my spirit is in rhythm with the spirit of God in me.  This is done by separate prayer times that work for me or an attitude of prayer throughout the day or pausing to pray.  But I always seek this rhythm with God through prayer.  When I sense my spiritual rhythm is off, I will slow it down and seek the mind of the Lord.  It happens in several ways.

  • If I seem to lack a clear direction on a matter, it’s a good time to pause.  Romans 14:23 “…whatsoever is not of faith is sin…”  When I struggle with a big decision, I often remember a paraphrase of this verse.  When in doubt, chicken out.  Great advice!
  • When I try to go in a certain direction, meet with someone, or say something and the door seems to close or I feel the spirit bidding me, I back off because if I continue I will be forcing my will or say or do something I will regret by pushing open a door that God does not want me to open.  Sometimes it is not a bad thing but it may not be the right time or something God wants me to do.  Acts 16:6 “…and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia.”
  • When I have a lack of peace in my spirit, I need to hold up and wait.  I may not even know why but I take that lack of peace as a prompting of the Holy Spirit.  I pull back and go to prayer and wait on God and my spirit seeks to get into stride with his rhythm on a matter.  When this happens I will experience the peace of God even in the midst of a storm and I will be in the center of his will.

To be continued ………………..

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