The Victim

Part 1 of 4
By Pastor Dave

          If there is one thing I hear when I counsel it’s the phrase “I’m the victim.”  It can also be called shifting the blame or making excuses for your wrongs.  Sometimes it is said outright but often it is veiled many ways by saying “What else could I do?” or “You don’t understand my circumstances.”  This syndrome is nothing new.

          It started in the garden when Adam said in Genesis 3:12 The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I did eat.  Two things happened at that time.  The first victim card was played.  Adam said, “God, this is your fault, not mine.  If you would not have given me Eve this would not have happened.”  Sound familiar?  The second thing that happened was that Adam sold out his wife at first chance.  He threw Eve under the bus before God no less.  No wonder we have had friction between men and women through the ages.

          The problem with the victim syndrome is that it breaks relationships.  It keeps us from God in salvation, in forgiveness of others, and from growth in our Christian walk.  It is true in this world that we can be victims.  All of us have experienced it.  Pronounced guilty when we are innocent!  God knows this and has a plan for how we can deal with this in life.  I’m not talking about suffering for righteousness which God will reward.  I am talking about facing up to the responsibility for our sin, our way of life, our attitude, the air of entitlement we have when we feel we have not gotten our share, or due, or not met the scriptural standards God has placed upon us in the Bible.

To be continued ………………..

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