The Victim

Part 2 of 4
By Pastor Dave

          Do not eat of the tree in the center of the garden.  There was only one tree in the whole garden they were not to eat from.  The command was broken and instead of saying I was wrong and I disobeyed, Adam said, “It’s your fault God because you gave me this woman.”  This is pure victim mentality.  The victim mentality is rooted in our basic nature as human beings and I write about it because it affects all of our relationships.  It blocks the pathway to restoration, forgiveness, and peace with God and our fellow human beings.

          First, it affects our relationship toward God in relationship to salvation and what the solution is.  Salvation is based on the fact that you are a sinner and your sin is your fault.  You cannot come to that fact when you feel you are the victim.  You feel in some strange way you are the one that has been wronged and you are the one due the compensation.  Have you even heard the terms “God is not fair.”, “Where was God when this happened?”, or a classic “If God is a loving God why would he let this happen?”

          The hard facts are that we are in the state we are in because of our actions, not God’s or any other human beings.  Simply “It’s our fault.”  We are the ones that are wrong and have sinned and “missed the mark” God has set.  We lie because we do not want to face the truth.  We steal because we feel we need it more than the one we stole it from.  We are immoral because we cannot help ourselves.  But let someone do it to us and then it is a different story.  We demand justice!

          The solution is that we must repent or say the same thing as God on the matter.  This is where the change begins.  The Holy Spirit convicts our conscience through the word whether written, preached, or spoken and we see that God is right and we are wrong.

To be continued ………………..

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