The Art of Pie

Part 4 of 4
By Pastor Dave

            The E is for encourage.  There is not one of us that at numerous times in our lives couldn’t use some encouragement to begin a task or journey or to stay the course once we have begun or most important to finish.  Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.  For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up (Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10).  We all fall and need help getting back up.  Many times that comes with a word or an act of encouragement.

            If we are always focused on ourselves we will not see the needs of others that we might in some way become an encouragement to them.  Do you remember when you received that encouraging phone call at just the right time or when someone handed you money when you wondered how you would make it, or when someone sat with you in your darkest hour when you had no one or jumped in alongside of you when the task was too great or showed up just when you were ready to give up?  Then you know what it means to be encouraged.  Sadly we don’t have enough encouragers in this world.

            There is a man in the Bible other than our Lord who is the “great encourager”.  His name is Barnabas who we first read of in Acts 4:36 whose name means the son of consolation.  He was the first to befriend Saul, who had just become Paul, when everyone else was afraid of him.  Barnabas was willing to take a chance on a guy who persecuted the church and brought him to the church in Acts 9:27 and stood up for him for what the Lord had done.  Then he traveled with Paul on many trips. In Acts 15:39 there was another man who needed encouragement, John Mark a young man who could not take the pressures of the mission trip so he quit.  Barnabas, just like he did with Paul, wanted to give him a second chance.  Paul was against taking John Mark but Barnabas stood his ground and Paul and Barnabas had a parting of the ways.  Barnabas took John Mark himself while Paul took Silas.  Oh that we would have a Barnabas in our life!  Oh that we would be a Barnabas in someone’s life.  Barnabas did such a great job with John Mark that later on in II Timothy 4:11 Paul says to send John Mark for his is profitable to me for the ministry.

            The ministry of encouragement should never be underestimated because so much good can come out of it and so many lives can be changed.  Aren’t you glad that God has not given up on us and gave us the greatest encourager in the Holy Spirit?  There you have it.  The art of P.I.E.  Praise – Inspire – Encourage  The art of P.I.E. is something we should all have in our lives through the years.  It will produce unbelievable results in our children, our friends, our coworkers, even the average person on the street.  So go and master the art o P.I.E.





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