The Art of Pie

Part 1 of 4
By Pastor Dave

          My daughter makes the best pies.  Her specialty is apple which is not surprising because Rachelle and her husband, Joe, own an apple orchard.  Her apple pie is made with a special recipe she developed over the years.  Every year as fall comes around the local people begin to look forward to having an Emmett apple pie since they only make them for two months out of the year in September and October.  When they are sold out you have to wait until next year.  It is impressive for me to see the anticipation, the joy, and the blessing those pies bring to people.  Seems to me that people can’t get enough of them and the desire to have an Emmett apple pie seems to grow every year. 

            But that’s not the pie I want to talk to you about.  Although there are some similarities between the two in that they both bring anticipation, joy, and blessing when you practice the art of pie.  I am referring to the art of praise, inspire, and encourage, P.I.E.  Something we all need in our lives is a slice of pie.  You probably have realized in your life we live in a mean and negative world.  I still experience this meanness because it seems that human beings are carriers of this sinful disease but there was a time in my high school years that I lived with this type of attitude on a daily basis and I want to tell you it was crushing to the human spirit.  The worst part is that we usually end up having this meanness become part of our character.  Frankly, we become what we hate, as someone taught me hurt people, hurt people.  If you get up every day and call someone stupid or psychotic there is a good chance they will begin to believe it about themselves even though it is not true.  We can do this in many subtle ways consciously or unconsciously and it becomes a habit. 

            Those years were a dark and angry period of my life and I didn’t realize how much I was craving a piece of P.I.E.  I believe deep down we all crave it.  Then in the midst of all that darkness, God brought someone into my life with a whole different approach.  To me it was light in all that darkness.  They were positive and excelled in the art of Praise, Inspiration, and Encouragement and how it could lift the spirit of another human being, motivate them to rise above the circumstances of life and make the best of any situation and even change the course of another human being’s life and bring hope in a dark world.  I understand that confrontation, correction and holding each other accountable are necessary in life.  Brethern, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted (Galatians 6:1).  So many times we want to find fault and blame someone else for the problems at hand.  But first before we ask, “Whose fault is it?”  We ask, “How can we fix the problem?”  That being said I decided after I came to Christ I wanted to treat others the way I was treated by my first wrestling coach and a few others I met in my life along the way.  I wanted to be a person that was quick to Praise, Inspire, and Encourage, what I call Pie or the art of Pie.  It is not easy to learn the “art of pie”.  It takes years and for some a life time to learn. 

To be continued ………………..

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  1. Ron Wilson

    H i Pastor Dave I wanted you to know I will be watching today Jan.29 from Kittanning Hospital.PLEASE THANK all those who have prayed for me it is needed God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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