Part 1 of 2
By Pastor Dave

          It appears to be more prevalent in some people but I wonder if we all have restlessness in us even though we may not show it in a grand way.  If Jesus said come unto me and I will give you rest, doesn’t it seem that Jesus knows that we lack rest in our spirit and we are restless creatures?

          Have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life?  You feel trapped in a place you do not want to be, in a relationship you want to be out of or a job you hate and you want to do something else with your life?  You are restless!  Have you ever set a goal and you reached it and at first it seemed gratifying but as you gazed out from the mountain you have just climbed, you feel a little empty?  The rush seemed to fade away like moving dew.  From your vista you can see someone climbing a bigger mountain than you climbed.  You see them standing at the top and you feel hollowness and you are off to find a bigger mountain to climb.  You are restless!  Isn’t it our goal to be top in our field and to accomplish more than any of our predecessors?  Many times when we get there we seem so unfulfilled.  I am not talking about dreams or goals that come from God.  These are very good and give us purpose in our journey.  I am talking about that gnawing knot inside of you that is never satisfied.

          If you could climb some of the Mt. Everests of the sports world like the NBA Championship, the NASCAR Championship, the Masters in golf, the World Cup Championship, gold at the Olympics, or win the Super Bowl you would probably be asked three questions by reporters.  How does it feel?  Where are you going to go now that you won?  The main answer is Disney World.  Do you think that you will repeat?  A restless world wants to know how restless you are.  The bigger the mountain, the harder it will be to come down from it whether we are thrown off, fall off, or walk down all alone.

          You and I may never get to climb those types of Mt. Everests.  Our mountains are a lot smaller and some may call them hills not mountains but we have that same gnawing knot of restlessness as the ones who climb the big mountains.  Have you ever felt that you are running and running and you just cannot seem to get there or you would run but you are not sure where to run to?  You seem just to run in circles and fritter your life away in endless restlessness going no where.  You have given up and live on in your mind the “what might have been” life.  You hold your arm sometime when you are talking to someone and say, “I could have been in the pros if my arm had not gone out.”  “I was on the verge of making it but the coach had his favorites.”  A thousand excuses of what might have been.  Restlessness!

          Sometimes we boast on our great plans of what we are going to be someday like a great rap artist, a doctor, part of the elite Special Forces, professional football player, or own a large business, but we are not willing to pay the price of the sacrifice to climb those lofty mountains.  Where does it all end and when will the knot of restlessness stop gnawing?  The only way to stop the gnawing is from within.  There is something missing inside that eludes us all at some point in our life.  It is peace with God!  Like the missing peace to a puzzle, the missing piece that causes our restlessness is our broken relationship with God because of our sin.  Man had peace with God in the Garden of Eden until the day he sinned and became restless and hid himself from God because of his sin.  We have been restless ever since.  We have been running and trying to fill that missing piece with all the things of this world to ease that restlessness but it only lasts a short time.  We are insecure and performance driven trying to prove to everyone we are ok.  We may have money or fame but still deep down inside the knot gnaws and we try to cover it up like Adam and Eve did to themselves in the garden, but it does not work.

          Christ died on the cross to make peace for us and be the missing piece,  He died for our sins and if we ask forgiveness for our sins, Christ will forgive us and that restlessness inside will turn to rest.  As he said, “I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28b).”   There is no rest and peace of heart in this world like the peace and rest that God gives.

To be continued ………………..


  1. douglas tomasello

    Yes, people do need rest in there soul, body, and mind. i been trying so hard to fix my mistakes in life. That i been pushing myself to hard lately. not taken time to be in the the Word of God like i should . I have an adiction that I deal with its hard and tiring to fight . I was going do some work on a church work day but, i was so tired from working my job .i couldn’t make to church work day . i wanted to that puts me in down mood . I put a 14hr work day between travel . Its my fault though i lost my driving lic, I have to take bus and i work over night that,make a long day. I must do that stuff to go this in order to get lic, back . I’m restless to make things right because , i feel people don’ t forgive in hart . when you have an adiction. it take all you have to fight it . on going thing .

    • Loraine Horstman

      I will pray for you. I had a very dear friend with an addiction and weary he was. You need to get back into God’s word. Take your Bible on the bus, even if you read only a few passages a day, you will think on those words the rest of your busy day. I am sure you will find much peace in those words. Pray as you travel, I do most of my praying while in my car. You need good Christian friends for support. Don’t worry about what people think about your addiction, a true friend will love you for who you are and pray for the pain that your addiction has caused you. Most people are able to over look your addiction but the hardest part is you forgiving yourself. God loves you, He never makes a mistake. Know I am here to always support you, God Bless!

  2. Loraine Horstman

    At the age of 55 I asked Christ into my heart and I can honestly say my life has never been the same. I want to always remember where I was the day Christ got a strong hold on my heart. It brings great joy to my heart, to know as a sinner, God loves me so much that he never gave up on me coming to Him. He has total control of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do things now, that I would never had thought I could do, to serve my God. Does it scare me? Yes, because I am so out of my comfort zone but because I have God as my Leader and the center of my life,all things are possible. As Pastor Dave has so often said, “I am deliciously scared!” I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    I was raised in the Catholic faith and was taught, you work for your place in heaven. It was all about works. Being taught you can not be born again because that will assure you a place in hell, I was so scared the night I accepted Christ into my heart but through that leap of faith and Pastor Dave gently guiding me through the scriptures, I now work to honor God and do His will. I serve an AWESOME GOD!

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