Paint a Painting with Your Life Everyday

Part 2 of 2
By Pastor Dave     

          Those of you who read this are probably go getters.  You get up in the morning and you are on the run with things to do.  We all have responsibilities and deadlines.  But I want you to consider something.  Put a moment in your moments as someone once taught me.  Fathers, your children will grow up quickly.  I find that there are moments of opportunity and if we don’t look for them we will miss them and they will be gone forever.  We will always be busy.

           I remember once when I was young and poor and struggling to make it in life, I had bought a fixer upper house and I was putting siding on the house, which I bought for 75% off.  I had never worked with siding before and in the evening after work I was working on it by myself.  Always pressed for time I was trying to finish up when just about a half hour before dark, I saw my daughter and the neighbor kids playing football in my backyard.  I had to get the siding done and I could hear the kids yelling and having fun.  Silly but I found myself in a struggle.  I need to finish but I saw a moment to spend precious time with my daughter.  I could see them playing and I would look at the piece of siding in my hand and the work that needed done and then I would look out in the backyard and see the kids playing.  I would look back and forth and finally I threw the siding down and went and played football.  I got the siding done soon after but realized I had made the best decision with my daughter and that would go a long way toward reaching my daughter.  I believe there are a hundred missed moments that could be used in reaching our children with our love, influence, and time that could be lost forever.

          It is the same in marriage relationships.  Little moments and times set aside to show the person we care about how much we love him or her.  It can go both ways but I feel the husband has the greater responsibility.  Time and attention cannot be replaced in most cases by money and things.  Over the years relationships grow cold and eventually die or exist with barely a pulse.  When these things happen you are failing in painting your painting.  Sad to say you cannot change yesterday’s painting.  With artists it’s not how big the painting is or how much paint is on it but it is about great artistry.

          There is hope that you can get better at your daily paintings.  Carve out times in your daily painting for the things that are the most important to you like God, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, or people that God puts in your path to minister to or will minister to you.  We miss so many of the important opportunities in life and lessons that are often learned too late or not at all.  I ran into an Amish man who taught me a great lesson.  He said, “It’s not how much money you leave behind when you die.  What’s important is the money you give away when you’re living.”

          If the rich fool would have learned that, he would not have wanted to tear down his barns and build bigger barns.  Nor the rich man in hell who left all his riches behind.  But Zacchaeus learned this great lesson when he got saved when Jesus came to his house.  He stood up and said, “I give half of my goods to the poor.”  Now that’s a give-a-way!  That day he truly learned how to paint a painting with his life.

          That’s how I want to live.  I want to make a painting with my life every day that’s pleasing to the Lord and present it to him every night.  I encourage you.  Paint a painting every day with your life.



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