Keep Your Eye on the Weeble

Part 1 of 4
By Pastor Dave

          Over the years I have picked up a habit of using word pictures and common every day objects to teach spiritual lessons of life. On my desk I have an hour glass, a starfish, a bronze figure of a man kneeling, a huge Webster dictionary as well as other items. One day someone gave me a weeble. I have been given a lot of gifts but this weeble was a first. I wasn’t sure what to do with this weeble so for a period of time it just sat on my desk without any purpose. Little children that came into my office were fascinated by the weeble but it had no real purpose. Until one day I was explaining to someone that they need to focus on what life goals they had and what goals life had for them. I was frustrated that I was having trouble communicating my point so I looked around my desk for something I could use to illustrate what I was saying. I looked around my desk for an object lesson and I saw this weeble sitting there with no apparent purpose. I picked it up and put the weeble down in front of this person and said, “Let’s say this weeble symbolizes your purpose. So what is your focus or your weeble?” Ever since that day I have used a weeble to help myself and others to remember to keep our eye on our goals and to focus as well on the long term issues of life.

          The goal is not the weeble. The goal is the task at hand which changes with each new task to accomplish, the long term task which helps us fulfill our eternal goals. The weeble is a reminder that I need to focus and define what I want to accomplish and stay on task and not lose sight of what I am trying to do because it’s easy to get knocked off your weeble and lose sight of what you’re trying to do.

          I am in a lot of meetings that press for decisions. Before I go into a meeting I set my focus on the issues and final result even if the meeting is to figure out what the final result is. When I go into a meeting I set the task before me like the weeble and try not to lose my focus. It is learning to handle the distractions that take you off your intended purpose. It can be easier than you think to get derailed. I believe this is one of the reasons why people don’t finish what they start. Distractions, stalemates, and loss of focus can shipwreck your plans. It happens because we lose sight of what our intended goal is. Eventually after a number of these derailments and missed expectations we lose our purpose.

          How many pastors after long ministries leave and feel like they have failed and are done with the ministry? The reason is they may have had the wrong focus when they started or they took their eye off the good weeble and lost their way. Someone may have lost their purpose in their job and retired or quit in utter frustration. They took their eye off their weeble or their weeble was not the right goal in the first place.

          How many marriages start with such clear joy and focus only to end because their expectation and goals were not accomplished or wrongly set? First you have to have a weeble (goal) or you cannot reach your goal.

          Sometimes I think the world is divided into two types of people, those that have goals and those that do not. Or maybe those who don’t have goals really have a goal of having no goals and mooching off of other people’s goals to survive. Like someone who would get on welfare just to live off of someone else who works and has goals so they don’t have to work. The other people in the world who set goals fall under bad goals, good goals, or Godly goals.

To be continued ………………..

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