Keep Your Eye on the Weeble

Part 3 of 4
By Pastor Dave

          I find the following steps useful in meetings when you try to focus on the goals you have. Whether it is a part of your dream you are trying to make a reality, or a solution to a problem so you can move ahead, or daily maintenance of your larger goals.

  1. Learn to focus on how to find the solution not whose fault it is.

          I’m not saying that there are not times you have to deal with whose fault it is.  But many times rather than finding a solution you waste time trying to shift the blame.  A solution oriented mentality is so much more profitable in getting the job done.  I often call it EYO – Examine Your Options.  What really helps in a meeting is to be open for ideas.  Guidelines for an EYO session are:

  • No idea is a bad idea even if it is not used.
  • Don’t get hurt feelings if your idea is not used or your idea is on the table and everyone else begins to chip away at it and shape it until it becomes an amalgamation of many ideas and the best idea.
  • It is not about who has the best solution but what the best solution is.

          Remember, Winston Churchill said that Franklin Roosevelt had a hundred ideas a day and ninety six of them stunk but four of them were whoppers.  In my time, I have thrown out my share of the ninety six in EYO sessions.  We’re always looking for the four whoppers.  Usually they eventually surface.  Actually these are some of the most enjoyable and creative times I have had in meetings.  Someone once said, “You would be surprised how much would get done around a church if it didn’t matter who got credit for it.”

  1. Beware of rabbit trails.

          I like rabbit trails and creative thinking but if you get too deep into the woods you get lost and then you lose focus, time, and purpose.  Meetings will lose effectiveness and accomplish little.  You will get off your weeble.  When I write I like rabbit trails.  I asked an editor if that was bad and she said no actually it can be good if you don’t lose everyone and bring it back and tie it into your purpose.

          What really keeps you on track in this area is an agenda.  I learned this when I worked at a bank from a bank manager who is a great friend of mine.  He used an agenda in bank meetings to keep everyone on track and get the most out of a meeting.

  1. Learn to graciously deal with the blind side.

          These are items that are not on your agenda but end up on the table and will cause you to lose sight of your weeble.  Most happen innocently for various reasons and some on purpose and can commandeer a meeting.  If you’re not careful these blindsides can be like the iceberg that sank the Titanic.  It wasn’t the 10% of ice above the water that sank the Titanic.  It was the 90% of ice under the water.  If it is not important you must graciously steer around it and get back on track.  If it is serious or important it must be recognized and put on the next agenda as its own weeble otherwise you will get way off track.

To be continued ………………..

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