Part 7 of 7
By Pastor Dave

          The fifth way brokenness comes is in singing.  When we raise our voices in his praise, brokenness can come.  It is a melodious way to brokenness.  Its beauty, its doctrine, its focus on the God of all creation allows brokenness to come.  Sometimes it comes in conviction, sometimes in unbridled worship and praise.  Brokenness comes when we stand in awe of God and when we sing and a wave of gratitude floods our souls for his love for us and our unworthiness.  People raise hands and often weep in his presence as the music depicts the glory of the Savior and his tender mercies and sacrifices for his poor, fallen, and depraved creatures who stare in wonder as to why he would love us so when we are so undeserving.  This is brokenness in its tenderest form when the bowels let loose and emotions sometimes become uncontrollable.  It is so exhausting, so consuming, and so sweet.

          Brokenness is the great antidote to pride, jealousy, hate, moral sin, and bitterness.  It is not a question how important or popular or well known you are.  It is a question of how broken you are.  When you finally see yourself and your circumstances from God’s perspective and not your own, you will then see him for who he is and who you are no matter where you are at in life.   You will first be broken in salvation then in every area of your life for the rest of your life as much as you allow God to reign in your life.

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