Part 3 of 7
By Pastor Dave

          Brokenness would come to me in five ways.  The first way is instead of just reading his word, I sought for the God of his word.  My prayer many times is reveal yourself to me, search me, oh God, show me your glory, and open the eyes of my understanding.  This put the scriptures in a whole different light for me.  As I started to read, it seemed as normal as any other book or study, but as my heart sought him and waited for him, his word would begin to open up, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.  His word was convicting, exhilarating, challenging, and provoked more questions and a desire to go deeper.  At times there were life altering principles, powerful thoughts, and convicting statements that drove me to my knees and created brokenness in my life showing me who I really am and crushing me.

          This is no normal book we have or God we serve.  He cannot be fashioned to the likings of our mind.  As we read his word, we must be broken and brought to his way of thinking and thus turn our brokenness into joy unspeakable and full of glory, for that is who he really is, not who we really are.  This will affect our body, soul, and spirit.

          One reason we do not become like him is because we are not broken when we approach him in his word and when we read his word.  We do not desire it to break us because we would lose control and he would gain control.  We would then have to love our enemies, forgive those who wrong us, rejoice in another’s gain, and release our jealousy.  We would have to swallow our pride and seek forgiveness even though they may be partly wrong.

To be continued ………………..

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