The Will of God

Part 13
By Pastor Dave

W3CP2 = The Will of God

            W2 – The second W is will in neutral.  George Mueller believed that most people will miss the will of God because “their will is not in neutral.”  The pre-supposition to do what we want can affect how we approach the word of God, our desire to invoke our will on him and say it is his, how long we wait for God, how we look at the circumstances of life, or how we pray.  We have a very strong will to do what we want even when we are little.  Our will must be broken in salvation and in our daily spiritual walk.  Luke Jones, a friend of mine, made a profound statement that has stayed with me many years.  He said, “You can always tell if your will is in neutral when you do not get what you want.”  If we respond poorly then it tells us our will is not in neutral.  To be in neutral means you can go or stay, buy or not buy, stay the course or change directions.  When we put our will in neutral we are better clay in the potter’s hand.  It shows we trust when we do not know what is ahead.  The ability to flow with the circumstances of life when it throws you curve balls is a great character quality.  In the days of the Gold Rush not a lot of miners got rich in the gold fields but the guys that sold the picks and supplies to the hopeful miners did.  They were what you would call opportunists and learned to go with the flow.  They could read the signs of the times and take advantage of it.

            I have met a few good speculators and they do well but they are not prophets.  In the scriptures a prophet had to tell the future 100% of the time or he was stoned.  They were specific and accurate not like a fortune cookie “You are going to meet someone today.”  Elijah said to Ahab, “It will not rain for the span of three years” and it did not.  When our Lord said he would rise from the dead in three days, he did.  How would you like to have been on tomb guard duty that weekend?  It may have been some of the ones that hung him on the cross and saw him die.  They were there because of the rumor that Jesus said he would rise again and they thought his disciples might steal him away.  They actually helped because they prevented anyone trying to steal the body which gave veracity to our Savior’s words when he did rise.  Their response was they fell down as dead men.

            What is the point?  The point is you may do pretty well with adjusting and can stay ahead of the curve in life and go with the flow.  But I want to yield my will and put it in neutral to the one who guided the prophets and the one who rose from the grave.  He is the one that gets tomorrows paper today.  In fact he has the final say in what is in tomorrow’s paper.  When you think of it like that, it is pretty much a no brainer.  It should be God’s will over our will every day, all day, hands down.  Put your will in neutral.  Do not tell God, just listen.  Do not complain, just yield.  Do not try to figure it out, just rest.  Most of all do not talk, just listen.  Stay in his word and on your knees and just listen.  See what happens.  You will be amazed.  While you are doing that, it leads me to my next point.  The third W.  You have the word of God, will in neutral, and now wait on God.

To be continued ………………..



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